MONTI MINTER is a multidisciplinary architectural and building engineering firm established in 1991 oriented to quality design of spaces with of a high level of wellbeing.
We measure the performance of our projects on the response from the end users of our product.
The quality of Monti Minter projects is not the starting point but the arrival of a research work to analyse the state of the existing site, to listen the clientís requirements and to incorporate development of both technological & space perception linked solutions.

MONTI MINTER is now formed by:


Born: Vicenza, Italy, 1st August 1961.
Degree: dott. Ing. Padua 1988/89.
Member of the Royal Institute of British Architects (R.I.B.A.) no. 9192011.
Member of the professional body of the building engineers of Vicenza from 1990.
Design office in Vicenza form 1991 works in Italy, UK and Malta.

Born: Welwyn Garden City, Great Britain, 8th March 1968.
Degree: 2 (i) BA Hons, Canterbury school of Architecture KIAD. 1991.
Diploma part (ii) R.I.B.A, Canterbury school of Architecture, KIAD. 1996.
Published in Architectural Competition "Museum of the 20th Century" Otis/
Architectural Journal 1995/96.
1991-94 Project Management for Thames Valley Police Property Services Department (UK).
From 1996 Member of the design team.

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