Monti Minter is an architectural and engineering studio which produces global design for buildings and living environments.

Our aim is to:
  • think design solutions adequate to the requirements of contemporary living and operating issues;
  • rationalise design options and alternatives of project proposals;
  • communicate & inform in order to develop intelligent buildings with low energy consumption and low impact in the view of a sustainable development.
The technological aspect
The Studio has implemented the most advanced technologies both in the structural design and in the construction techniques with the maximum control of the quality of the elements and of the realised spaces and environments. The Studio believes in the importance of technological development in the evolution of contemporary architecture and implementing the correct technology given the nature of any given project.

The attention for environment
The Architect's role is now to inform the community on the possibility to realise buildings that contribute to improve the condition of the environment in which we live, operating at a socially aware scenario in which the single building project has to fit in.

The visual impact
Who requires and starts a building intervention, both a private client or a large corporation, has not only practical requirements but also has a message to express with the new building. This is the most immaterial aspect of our profession and it is what makes a realisation a success.

Cost control
The Studio is able to work on a set budget, as cost control is a fundamental component of the project brief. Projects with limited budget are realised with great consideration in the view of optimising resources.

Natural light and the way it permeates the ambient is one of the quality with which the acceptance of the architectural spaces is measured. Monti Minter dedicates with the maximum attention the study of lighting consultants and exploring the effect of reflection and transparency both of the natural and artificial light.

The acoustic control of the environment for transmission of noise, its diffusion and absorption is a subject that Monti Minter takes always into consideration. In our projects we take care of evaluating and considering the sound impact on environmental comfort.

Mechanical & electrical services
Monti Minter intervenes in collaboration with specialist to realise projects that guarantee M&E plants with low level of maintenance, low energy consumption, minimum moving parts with slow air mass movements. Because every project requires a perfectly calibrated strategy the communication between Studio and the specialist also in the inception of design stage allows us to set up correctly the problematic involved and find correct solutions.

In years of activity the Studio has learned to utilise the construction materials in a coherent way to comply with the project requirements. We know how to take advantage of the possibility to realise unique products with precision and finish quality that up to few years ago was reserved only to serial products.

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